Chinese churches and Chinese Christians

China Christian Council

The official website of the China Christian Council/Three Self Patriotic Movement, containing information on events, theological education and limited contact information (mainly in Chinese, but some English pages).

Amity News Service

News from the China Christian Council including contacts with the worldwide church, translations of articles from Tian Feng magazine, and updates on important Church events.

The Amity Foundation

A leading Chinese NGO initiated by Chinese Protestants which conducts educational, development and relief programmes across China.

Jinde Charities

A leading Chinese Catholic social service centre, based in Shijiazhuang, but registered at a national level. Its aim is to lend a hand to the marginalised and open doors to sustainable development.

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Agencies partnering with the Chinese Churches

Scottish Churches China Group

An ecumenical partnership which partners with the Chinese churches in providing a range of health and education projects in China and in Scotland.

Friends of the Church in China

Seeks to promote contact, partnership and mutual understanding between Christians in China and those in Britain and Ireland.

Cultural Exchange with China

CEC builds bridges between the Catholic Church of Britain and that of China. Chiefly promotes friendships which bring mutual understanding and cooperation.

Relais France-Chine

News, information and links from the French Missions Etrangères de Paris, particularly associated with the Zhonglian magazine and its bilingual guides to the Catholic Church in China.

Verbiest Foundation

The Ferdinand Verbiest Institute is based at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, and is committed to dialogue between Europe and China. It is a centre of expertise on religion and Christianity in China.

Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity

Recording the Life Stories of significant figures in Chinese Christianity across the centuries and around the world.

Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural Relations

A database of individuals and institutions connected with Chinese Christianity through the centuries. Founded by Revd. Edward J. Malatesta SJ at the University of San Francisco.

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Agencies reporting on the Chinese churches

China Aid Association

An ‘authentic voice for the house churches in China’, concentrates on reporting stories of arrests and detentions.

Asia News

A news service based in Rome founded to share the life and hopes of the people and the Church in Asia. Reports in English, several European languages and Chinese.

Union of Catholic Asian News

Launched in Hong Kong in 1979 to facilitate the exchange of information in the Catholic church in Asia. Reports in English and several Asian languages, including Chinese.

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Chinese churches in Britain and Ireland

Chinese Overseas Christian Mission

An interdenominational Christian mission to bring the gospel to Chinese in Europe. Provides useful links and contacts to Chinese Protestant congregations throughout Britain, Ireland and Europe.

Chinese Church in London

Established in 1951, the church now has seven congregations meeting all over London, holding services in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Leeds Chinese Christian Church

Formed out of a Bible Study Group which began meeting in 1968, and now has three congregations.

Manchester Chinese Christian Church

Congregations meet for English, Cantonese and Mandarin services. Founded in 1966, the church has expanded several times, and is currently renewing its Cable Street building.

Belfast Chinese Christian Church

Founded in 1975 at the Methodist Chaplaincy, purchasing its own premises in 1994, becoming the first Chinese church in Northern Ireland.

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The Jinde Charities
English website for Jinde Charities
Amity website
Amity News includes a directory of churches
Bibliographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity
Bibliographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity
Friends of the Church in China
Friends of the Church in China
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