Conversion stories

These testimonies of rural Chinese Christians give a flavour of the faith stories, the commitment and joy of Chinese Christianity as well as some of the issues faced by rural Chinese.

  • Mr Fu - 19 year old college student

    Although having Christian parents, it was the influence of a school teacher which helped him find his faith.
  • Mr Jiang, 47 year old worker and evangelist

    A chance encounter with an old friend, led him to attend Christian meetings.
  • Mr Meng, 37 year old farmer and church worker

    As a child he went to church with his grandmother and was healed through prayer.
  • Mr Liu, 43 year old doctor (surgeon)

    He started attending church thanks to a Christian colleague and was later converted after believing in Christ's resurrection.
  • Mrs Bai, 24 year old tour guide

    After being invited to church by a stranger, during her first visit she was overwhelmed by a feeling of peace.
  • Mrs Ding, 55 year old retired worker and church volunteer

    Her mother and grandmother were Christians, and her son was healed over time through prayer.
  • Mrs En, 33 year old shop worker

    She had Christian parents and, at 18, started studying hymns and realised she was sinful.
  • Mrs Gui, 47 year old farmer

    She initially went to church for the music and one day was so moved by a song that she invited Jesus into her life.
  • Mrs Kang, 63 years old factory owner and Party member

    Words from a Muslim tour guide while on holiday prompted her to become a Christian.
  • Mrs Lai, 57 year old retired dancer

    She went to church and was baptised after having been taught a heavenly dance by angels in a dream.
  • Mrs Liao, 47 years old and unemployed

    She was drawn to church by local Christians praying for her and was healed of cancer.


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