Christian NGOs

Following the Sichuan earthquake in May 2008, attention was rightly focussed on the valiant efforts of soldiers, farmers and volunteers to search for survivors, clear the rubble and begin reconstruction. Amid all the devastation, another picture was emerging of a range of Chinese volunteer organisations and NGOs who were working alongside government agencies to provide food and shelter, and who are now looking to continue the reconstruction effort. Among these are a number of Chinese Christian NGOs.

The development of Christian NGOs in China is relatively recent, as Christians and churches seek to express Godís love through social action. Many are involved in local projects for the elderly, HIV/AIDS relief, rural development projects, and the provision of educational programmes and scholarships. Jinde Charities and the Amity Foundation have also been involved in previous disaster relief work. Several Catholic dioceses now have Social Service Centres which coordinate social outreach projects and the China Christian Council is also developing its own Social Service Committee.

These pages provide a brief introduction to these new figures in Chinaís civil society.


Catholic Social Service Centre plaque
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